In July 2013 I started shooting in earnest for another photographic series. I had dabbled with outdoor versions of what was to become the TRIBE series but wasn’t happy with how they were looking so I took the shoots back into the studio, kept the props and styling to a minimum and I’m really pleased with how they’ve all turned out. There is still some editing of the photos to be done and some decisions about which images make the final cut but I’m preparing for an exhibition to happen soon.

In a departure from the traditional gallery exhibition with the associated costs of printing and framing, I’ve finally decided that I’m going to have an online exhibition in the form of a live twitter conversation. There are a lot of finer details to be sorted out such as what time suits to make it practical to the widest number of people considering the vast time difference from Sydney to the rest of the world.

Obviously this means that there isn’t going to be an opening night with free booze and hot barmen wearing AussieBum but, as much fun as that was it was mainly friends and family who aren’t the ones who buy my work. I think having an twitter exhibition will generate a little bit of publicity as well, hopefully. I’m very excited to be finally preparing to show these photographs in their completed state. Stay tuned.