Brenton Thwaites, hot young Aussie actor, is really making some waves in Hollywood. He may have started in an Aussie Soap but after big screen films with Angelina Jolie and others he’s really making an impression. His new film Son of A Gun is with Ewan McGregor and it appears to be a gritty, entertaining ride. In Son of a Gun we also get to see Brenton’s butt as he is strip searched being sent into prison. I’m almost surprised that Ewan McGregor DOESN’T get his gear off from what I’ve seen. He does in every other movie.

Brenton is setting himself up to be a very interesting guy. He’s not afraid to look roughed up and “not pretty” for a role, clearly not afraid of getting his clothes off and in an interview recently he hinted at some bisexual tendencies but hasn’t elaborated. I’m all for celebrities pushing back against the Hollywood PR machine that makes them conform to an uninteresting politeness and innocence so they don’t offend the ticket buying public.

Personally I hope we keep seeing a lot more of the other Brenton.