This morning I woke up with a hangover after a boozy evening with lots of really good company and laughs. I didn’t want to be conscious, let alone up and about but after a bit more sleep and some coffee I’m back on track and in a rare turn of events, I feel like going to the gym. On a Sunday.

This never happens for me but after the usual dietary excess that comes with the holidays I need to get my fitness regime back on track so this is my gymspiration post to get my arse to the gym. Now that I am working out alone I need to capitalise on the moods when they hit. You’ll notice that the guys I’ve posted in the image above aren’t enormous unattainable muscle monsters. Yes some of them are pretty muscular but mostly they are relatively realistic bodies that through hard work, I could get near. It’s good to aim high.

A Sunday of rest will happen after a workout. This afternoon I will head over to my sister’s place to do a couple of days house and dog sitting so there won’t be any working out over there tomorrow. Fingers crossed the weather will improve and I can spend the day naked on one of the beaches on the north side of the harbour. Let’s make the last few days of 2014 fun and productive!