Every year at this time of year, as much as I love spending time with my family and celebrating New Year’s Eve with friends, there are little emotional bumps along the way. The holidays can be very lonely times for people, especially those without family etc but even those of us surrounded by people we love and who love us, sometimes it is still lonely.

Yesterday at one point my father who is in his late 60’s walked into the kitchen and gave my mum a pinch on the bum and a peck on the cheek. It’s not unusual to see this but grand romantic gestures aren’t something you’ll see from either of my parents. They love each other dearly and in a couple of weeks they’ll be celebrating 45 years of marriage to each other. They are who I look to when I think of the kind of relationship I would like. Watching my sister and her husband interact with each other and my mother and father interact gave me little pangs of jealousy. I want to treat someone special with thoughtful gifts and wake up to a Christmas morning kiss.

Thankfully I do have a great family and my niece and nephew both bring me a lot of happiness and they like to have their Uncle B around, even if he’s not all that cool all the time. Until Mr Right turns up, or if he never does, then my friends and family will keep a smile on my dial over the holidays.