As is becoming tradition here at Aussielicious, I’ve put together a 2015 Calendar full of beautiful men for you all to enjoy. You can download it here and just store it digitally or you can print it off to put on your wall. It has been created at A3 size (42cm wide x 30cm high).

It’s Christmas Even already here in Australia so this afternoon I’ll be heading off to my sister’s place only 25 minutes away to spend Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with the family which is always fun. My family is nice and low key and relaxed. Christmas isn’t one of those days that people describe where everyone visits all branches of the family tree while wanting to smack some of them with a big stick.

Having said that I will probably escape home to my quiet little house tomorrow evening after dinner and a long day of hanging out with the family.

To everyone who reads Aussielicious, I hope you have a great holiday season no matter what faith you are or how you celebrate. I’m wishing you a Merry Christmas because it’s what my family do and what we celebrate but if Christmas isn’t you, have fun regardless and all the very best to your families. Enjoy the calendar!