In 6 months today I will be flying out of Sydney for a 3.5 week holiday. I’m hoping that in some ways that six months goes very very quickly. I have friends flying out of Sydney today to go on an amazing holiday down to Antarctica and South America which I’m also very jealous of. Other friends are planning holidays and it helps keep the excitement up.

As we know, there will be lots of nakedness on my holiday and I LOVE it. There are a couple of friends interested in coming along on the Croatia cruise which will be great but it’s not a drama if they can’t make it. As for the Sitges leg of my trip, I can’t wait to see those friends. It’s been so very long. I’m not sure if they would come to the nude beach with me or how I would feel about being nude with them as it’s never happened before but as with all friends that you see nude for the first time, it’s only awkward for a couple of minutes.

I promise I’ll keep these countdown posts infrequent or I’ll drive you all crazy. 182 days to go!