Gaspard Ulliel is not someone a lot of us in the English Speaking world would be overly familiar with. He’s modeled for Chanel and Longchamp as well as an extensive career in movies. The only thing I’ve seen him in is a rather (intentionally) unsettling performance in Hannibal Rising about the early years of Hannibal Lector.

Gaspard has a scar on his left cheek which he got as a child trying to ride a doberman like a horse. The dog didn’t take kindly to that apparently.

Just like all good French thespians, Mr Ulliel is not afraid of a little nudity. In the recent film Saint Laurent he plays Mr Laurent himself and shows us all his rather impressive goods. Thankfully that’s plenty of a distraction from the authentic (for the character) but hideous hair.

It does seem that Hollywood men are finally catching on that going frontal is ok but those blessed Europeans are doing a great job and still leading the way.