It’s not unusual to come across images online of Scottish men wearing kilts. It’s not unusual to see images of Scottish men in kilts accidentally flashing their wares. A mate of mine tells a story of his wedding day when he and the groomsmen were wearing kilts and some of the wedding photos were taken by a lake. The sporrens were heavy enough to avert any accidental flashing from wind or angle but what they didn’t count on was the reflection in the water. He and his wife thought it was hilarious that some of their wedding photos clearly have his wedding tackle in the shot but his new-wife’s Aunt was absolutely mortified.

I have a theory that even though Scotland is cold and chilly, too chilly for nudity generally, they must be more relaxed about nudity because so many men would be accidentally flashing all over the place. Whether accidental or just because they don’t care it’s far from rare to see photos such as the ones above where guys are just sitting around with their junk getting a good airing. What a cool world it would be if nudity wasn’t an issue just because it kinda just happened.