GIACOMO from François Rousseau on Vimeo.

With the developments in technology and the world going digital, cameras getting smaller and better, it seems like the whole world is making videos and taking photos. For every one talented image maker, there are dozens and dozens of people trying.

Francois Rousseau came to my notice when he did the first really popular Dieux Du Stade calender for 2004. He got the balance of masculinity and homoerotica just right and the calendar went crazy.  In recent years he’s worked more and more in video to go along with his still imagery. Yesterday I was poking around the internet as I do and came across a few of his recent videos. They really are just gorgeous. Plain and simple. Francois really knows how to photograph people and make them look beautiful while also being very creative. The music that he chooses fits beautifully and sometimes it’s more of a minimalist soundscape rather than a musical soundtrack.