Last year for Melbourne’s Midsumma Festival and Sydney’s Mardi Gras Festival, I was part of a great exhibition called Company of Men featuring the talents of Bad Behaviour Boys Publishing, Rogan Richards (yes THE Rogan), Damien Hinds and a LOT of other very talented Queer artists. There was a lot of drama getting my prints down to the exhibition when a courier lost them for several days.

Company of Men is making a comeback in January 2015 with some of the same artists and a bunch of new talent and I’m glad to be taking part in the exhibition again. I’ve just finalised the images that I’ll be sending down to Melbourne to go on the wall. If you are in Melbourne in late January I would HIGHLY recommend going along to check it out. There are a very diverse range of styles and techniques being exhibited and hopefully a bit of something for everyone. As the name suggests “Company of Men” will feature a lot of man flesh and deal with gay sexuality and imagery. Details for the Sydney leg of the exhibition are yet to be confirmed but it will be hitting town and hitting it hard!