Early last year, when I had my Freedom exhibition I launched my book Aussielicious Men on Blurb. It hasn’t sold much because it’s not cheap. Publishing through blurb means that they only print the books as people order them so it’s not a cheap way to do it.

I thought there might be some of you out there who wanted to buy the book but couldn’t justify the price tag so I’ve just created a book each for both my Shrouded and Freedom exhibitions. They are smaller than the original book and softcover instead of hardcover which makes them both cheaper to buy. Each book is 20cm x 25 cm (8″x10″) and they both include all images from their respective exhibitions plus a lot more images that weren’t included in the gallery shows or the original book. When I shoot with the view to creating an exhibition then I’m only after a maximum of three images from a shoot so there are a lot of images that don’t get included even though they might be good images. This is where they are!

I realise this is a case of really dumb timing on my part as I’m doubtful they’d be delivered before Christmas but they’d probably make a nice present for yourselves if you are inclined! Both books and Aussielicious Men are available by clicking here!