Tomorrow will see the end of a chapter for my fitness. It will be the last workout with my current gym partner. He’s been away a fair bit with work travel and in general we haven’t been working out hard enough. Through conversations we’ve worked out that we want different things. I need to work out harder and longer and more intensely to achieve the results that I want. He was happy with the shorter workouts that we have been doing but ironically now he and his partner are going to try hour long crossfit workouts.

From here on out I need to be disciplined and get to the gym by myself and workout hard. The times recently when my training buddy has been away I’ve gone alone and achieved a lot more than we did together so I’m confident I can do it. The motivation to turn up by myself will be the hard part but with my holiday to Croatia precisely six months and six days away I have that to keep me on track. I think I’ve lost about three kilograms already just by improving my diet.

Three years of workout out with my current gym buddy has been good and he was willing to wait for me after my arm injury and recovery back in 2012 so that was very nice of him. Let’s see how I go!