You know how you’ll hear that a friend finds a certain celebrity attractive and you wonder why? Ben Affleck is like that for me. Matt Damon, his good mate and co-star is way more my type. To me Ben always seemed just a bit beige. I could never figure out why people thought he was interesting. I’m sure he’s a lovely guy, but meh, he does nothing for me.

That has changed slightly in the last week now that screen shots from Gone Girl have hit the internet. Good old Ben went slightly full frontal in the film very briefly and in shady darkness. Thankfully someone has gone to the trouble of taking screen captures and brightening them up. Sure, it’s not clear and front on but you can pretty easily see that Ben is doing quite nicely for himself in the cock department. Now we know why his wife Jennifer Garner said “you’re welcome” on the Ellen Degeneres show. Yes indeed. Thank you Jennifer if you told him to go frontal. We appreciate it.