Remember that fantastic bunch of women who did an enthusiastic job of reading actuall messages that people had been sent on Grindr or Scruff etc? Well they are back for the third installment of the series which is absolutely hilarious. Taking the more absurd messages from the apps completely out of context and having them read out by a bunch of women who don’t even know what half of the things they are saying mean, is just awesome. It does highlight just hot bizarre communication on those apps really can be.

People genuinely expect guys to make all the effort of preparing for sex then go to a strangers house and do some freaky stuff when they can’t even be bothered preparing a full sentence? Once guy sent me a message a while ago saying “t or b?” I’m assuming he was asking if I was a top or a bottom but as I said to him, if he’s that lazy in the seduction he’ll be a dud shag in bed. He claimed he was amazing, of course but I was willing to let that chance pass me by.

Just today a guy asked if I wanted “to bj with me now?” Now if someone sends the offer of a mutual trade of blow jobs you’d expect the photo to be sent to be of a relevant body part right? Nope. Just his profile shot which was of his feet in the sand at the beach. Guess what? No.