Last week I posted about a new fitness monitoring and kilojule counting app that I have been using. It’s been surprisingly easy to adjust to and for the improvement in eating habits I’m sleeping better and waking up feeling ready for the day. There are less tired phases through the day which I guess follow a sugar spike after eating something terrible.

I weighed myself this morning at the gym and in the 9 days since I started I think I’ve lost a bit over a kilogram (2.2lb). I say I ‘think’ I have because the first weigh in and the one this morning were done at different times of the day etc. I’m going to weigh myself weekly at the gym at the same time of morning so the circumstances are as close to the same as possible.

The photo on the left was taken of me in January 2010 so coming up to five years ago and that is the level of definition I want to get back to. The photo on the right is a selfie I took on the beautiful black sand nude beach in Hawaii in September last year. It’s very flattering as some of the others I just hate. Since then even more weight has crept on with my terrible eating habits over the past year. It’s funny when you realise just what atrocious foods you are eating way too often which is what happens when you have to search for them on an app and it tells you just how bad they are. My portion sizes have also gone down a bit. There was no need for me to be eating as much as I was.

Now I just need to shake up my gym routine, workout harder, longer and smarter and fingers crossed I’ll be hot for Croatia!