Being a single man most of my travels have been done solo. I travelled through Europe by myself when I was living in London and went to Burning Man, Vegas and NYC alone a few years ago. I’ve been thinking about whether or not I like that or not as I make plans for my trip next year.

My last international trip last year was a great combination of travelling alone and travelling with friends. The few days in San Francisco were fantastic to have mates there to explore bars and restaurants etc with. After Burning Man I was more than happy to travel to Hawaii alone and lie on beaches, drive around relaxing and just have some quiet alone time.

There is a chance that a guy I know and his partner may join me on the sailing trip in Croatia which will be good. Would I want the boat to be full of guys I know? Probably not. While it would make it a lot of fun and very relaxed, one of the joys of international travel is meeting and chatting to lots of new people. My time in Sitges will be with some good friends that I haven’t seen in years and will really enjoy catching up with.

Maybe it’s the Libran in me wanting everything balanced but some time with friends and some time travelling alone suits me fine.