Yesterday I did a google search on gay massage in Sydney. I have had many massages over the years but haven’t found the right masseur for me. I want a gay masseur because I feel that way there won’t be any awkwardness about massaging right up the hamstrings etc. One of the links I followed took me to a male to male adult massage site where I discovered a friend offering his services. Now I know this person has done porn in the past and isn’t shy and also isn’t working full time so it’s no real surprised that he’s essentially escorting. Sure, the site didn’t specifically mention sex but the wording and the price was pretty indicative that he wasn’t just offering a massage. As far as I’m aware he’s not even trained in massage.

Over the past few years I’ve found out that a lot of guys I know have escorted or are escorting and I have no problem with it. I certainly couldn’t do it but it’s not for any moral reasons. I barely have sex as it is, so how can I charge for it when I can barely give it away for free?

A mutual friend of the escorting guy and I tends to have very black and white views on the world and saw it as a demeaning option for someone who has so much going for them otherwise. To be honest I think he just enjoys the attention. He’s a very good looking guy and as I suggested, has probably been almost conditioned to get his validation and ego stroking from people wanting him sexually.

It’s funny that even as society gets more and more open about sexuality and our desires and needs, that people still can’t wrap their head around someone working in the oldest profession in the world.