Now that it is December and the best of the year lists are starting to appear I have to say, my energy levels are running low. This year hasn’t been a bad year as such but it has worn me out a bit. The lazy junior at work has been gone for a few months and I’ve taken on all his workload and managing the freelancers when we’ve needed them to take up some of the overflow.

As my energy levels run low, my caffeine intake increases. As my patience decreases, my frustration grows. Thankfully there are only 10 working days left in this year for me as we close on Friday 19th. It should be a relatively stress free two weeks until we close up but there is still a fair bit to achieve before I can run screaming out the door ripping my clothes off as I head toward the beach.

As I’ve said before, turning 41 in October feels like I’ve turned a bit of a corner. Moving out of a living arrangement that wasn’t making me happy has really helped, as has the new location. Already in a week of monitoring what I’m eating, I feel better and have more energy. I’m sleeping better as well. It would be nice to have someone to snuggle up to but let’s be honest, I’m not really used to that anyway.

Today I started my Christmas shopping and have three out of six sorted. I’m about to hunt online for my sister’s present and see what I can find then she and I just need to sort out our parents gifts. Not long to go now til the new year.