With my much anticipated and largely nude holiday coming up in less than 7 months I figure it’s time to stop whinging about not being happy with my body and do something about it. I told a PT friend of mine that I want to be hot if I’m going to sail nude around Croatia. There is an added incentive in seeing friends that I haven’t seen in what will be 9 years. Of course I want to look good.

So my PT friend has given me an app that tracks my food and what kilojules I consume every day. It’s astonishing how bad my food intake was! I will never look the way I did in my 20’s and that’s fine, I just want to tone it all up and feel better. Just the act of putting everything I eat into this app “Myfitnesspal” is giving me a real shakeup in my diet. Let’s hope I can stick to it.

Once the holiday season is done I’m going to start another fitness challenge here on the blog so we can all motivate each other.