This post is mainly aimed at the nudies out there amongst my readers. To those of you who aren’t nudies I’m pretty sure I know what your limits are.

As I’ve posted about recently, I’m doing a clothing optional sailing trip through Croatia in June/July next year and can’t wait. I was talking on email to someone who had done a similar trip with a different company and I was asking what the policy was on photos on the trip. His reply made perfect sense. The rule was basically no cock in photos without permission. That seems fair enough to me. I’m hoping that I can take some beautiful photos of the Croatian coast and maybe some of my fellow passengers on the cruise if they allow it.

When I went to Burning Man last year with friends, one of the joys of being a photography enthusiast was capturing lots of photos of all my friends and the burning man experience and putting the images together in a book that everyone got through Blurb. If I can do a similar thing with photos from Croatia I’ll be very happy indeed. I’d also like to take some footage. The Saltyboys website is nice but it would be nice to see some footage on one or more of the cruises.

I’m curious, all you nudies that read Aussielicious, are you ok with photos being taken when you are with friends in a nude setting?