Today is World AIDS Day once again and while huge progress has been made over the years in HIV treatment we are still without a cure. It’s so important that we don’t forget AIDS still exists and yes, people still die from it.

Last week I was lucky enough to have the conversation with the sexual health clinic that gave me great news. All clear. Sadly infections are on the rise in the gay community because people don’t see it as the big scary death sentence that it was when I was reaching sexual maturity. It’s a very good thing that HIV+ people can live just as healthy and long a life as anyone but keep in mind that there are emotional costs, physical side effects to treatment and financial costs of treatment as well. Surely life is easier without it?

My recent tests were the first I’d had in a long time which was very bad. The more accurately you know your status, the better off you are. If you do test positive you can get on medication faster and reduce your risk of passing on infection.

There is still a long way to go before we possibly find a cure but I am glad we are making progress and that all the guys that I know who are positive are living happy healthy lives.