I’ve just got home from a lovely but sadly quick lunch with a Brisbane photographer that I’ve posted about before, Joel Devereux. He is a very prolific photographer based in Brisbane who shoots some stunning men. We were discussing how competitive the market is being a photographer specialising in male nudes. Joel is lucky in that he really only has one other photographer of a similar level in Brisbane but they get on well and have a very different style anyway so there isn’t any competition.

In Sydney however it’s quite different. Despite the many varied styles there can often be a real sense of being adversaries rather than friendly competition. Obviously not all the time. There are photographers I like and get on with well here but with others it can feel like they’d rather see you walk under a bus than share models or opportunities with you.

Photography is a hobby for me and I don’t know that it will ever be anything more so that kind of jealousy or competition doesn’t really interest me. There is a really limited range of opportunities such as DNA covers/spreads that we are all competing for if we choose to so the competition is real but there are different ways to approach it. Every photographer is going to take a different photo when presented with the same model and location, even the same equipment so publications or jobs will choose a photographer based on their needs. I just think, like in life generally, we should be a bit less defensive and more supportive.

Joel and I have very similar aesthetics and styles but I would LOVE to see him do great things.