An article recently explained the one reason other than religious bigotry that has probably been most likely to have kept marriage equality from happening as quickly as it should have. The “Ick” Factor. While the majority of people are supportive of the idea of marriage equality it seems that a lot of straight people, probably men, are put off by the sight of two men kissing or the thought of what they do in bed.

WHY on earth are they giving it such detailed thought? Why don’t they just treat it like they treat their own parents’ sex life? Like it doesn’t happen. I don’t contemplate any of my straight friends having sex and just because I don’t want to see it doesn’t mean I should ban it. There’s a funny meme going around that says “Saying I can’t get married because you don’t believe in it is like me saying you can’t have a cookie because I’m on a diet.” Amen.

All of the religious bigots that are constantly talking about how bad the gays are for the world seem to devote entirely too much time to thinking about how evil we are and how gross bum-sex is. Stop thinking about it, think about your own life and your own boring sex life and leave ours out of it.