Today is White Ribbon day here in Australia. It’s the day that we all pledge to do our part to stamp out domestic violence.  Some horrendous statistics were released today about domestic violence here in Australia, which is sadly on the rise. One woman ever week is killed in Australia by her current of former partner. One per week? I had no idea it was that high. One woman in three will experience domestic violence.

Thankfully along there is a growing awareness of the problem and the creep-extraordinaire “pick up artist” Julian Blanc was deported from Australia after a huge outcry about his seminars. What was truly revolting to me was the amount of guys who wanted to learn his demeaning and degrading techniques. What do these men think of their own mothers and sisters? Would they tolerate men treating them the way they are learning to treat women from guys like Julian?

If you want to learn how to treat women, ask a woman. I grew up in a family with strong women all around me. The men in their lives treated them with courtesy, respect and love. They were equals and as such, even though I’m a gay man and I’m not trying to sleep with women, I have learned to treat women the same way as my father and grandfathers did their wives, daughters and sisters.

It’s very tough for women who are being abused to break the cycle and get out but if you know anyone who you think is, please make sure they know they have a safe place with you.