A guy I have known vaguely for about 5 years now is fairly vocal on social media about HIV Awareness in general and aiming to get people as educated as possible. It’s never been confirmed to me and I have no need to know, but I’m fairly certain from things I’ve seen him post that he is HIV Positive. Someone obviously has a grudge against him as a few weeks ago they decided to hack his page and post a status that was something along the lines of “I’m an HIV+ bareback slut” There was more to it but I can’t remember the wording and I don’t want to mislead.

The only thing that this person could possibly have hoped to achieve is to HIV Shame my friend. As I’ve said, my friend is very vocal on social media about HIV and while he doesn’t say he is positive, he certainly doesn’t try and tell anyone that he’s not. His HIV status, or anyone’s for that matter, is no one else’s business unless you are going to have sex. I can’t actually even guess as to why someone would choose to try and shame someone about their HIV status on social media. Was it someone who had been turned down by my friend? Was it someone who feels like he might have been exposed? I have no idea.

A person’s choice to disclose their status, their sexuality or even if they like the Kardashians (god forbid) is their own choice and it shouldn’t be taken from them. Thankfully my friend handled the situation very swiftly and cleanly without any of the drama that their shamer was no doubt hoping for.