Sorry for the break in transmission folks. I don’t like to go so long without posting on the blog but things didn’t all go to plan this weekend. On Friday night I took off out to my friend’s property a few hours out of Sydney. On Saturday we did the Tough Mudder “race” which is a 20km course with 20 obstacles ranging from crawling under nets, to wading through mud, jumping off 5 metre high structures into water etc. One of our team was having problems with her ankles so we ended up walking 90% of the course which couldn’t be helped.

Then when I went to leave my friend’s property yesterday I asked him to have a listen to my car as it had started to make some noise. Turns out the timing belt was about to go and if it went while I was driving it would have cost more to fix than was reasonable for a car of that value and age. The car was towed away and I had to stay an extra night and miss today at work. Not all bad but a long day today was in order as my friend had lots of errands to do on his way back to Sydney so what is usually a three hour trip became a six hour trip. Such is the life of running a country property. It’s such a beautiful spot out there though so waking up there this morning was not exactly a hardship.

My mate and I decided that we are going to do another challenge similar to Tough Mudder that we’ve heard about. It’s not as long but has more obstacles which is what we enjoyed out of the event this weekend. It’s nearly a year away. Let’s see if I can squeeze in some training this time.

There are perks to these events. My god there were some fit hot men running around out there. The photo above of me after the race clearly proves that I was sore and tired and not one of the hot ones that appeared to do it easily.