I found this video today and I know I’ve posted over and over each year about THIS being the year that I finally go surfing nude, but this really made me want to go out there and do it. This guy just looks so free which is the feeling I got the first time I saw someone surfing nude. Surfers are always talking about how alive and free they feel when they surf. Add to that the freedom of being nude and it has to be a good experience right?

By now you’ll have noticed that in that first paragraph I was writing about a video and there’s no video on this post. That’s because when I went to write that post, tired after a long day, last night I realised that the video on youtube wouldn’t allow embedding. Then I found another one of a heavily tattoed older guy surfing free and loving it and thought I’d post that. Again, no luck. All the other nude surfing videos are really bad quality or I’ve shared them before so I opted for photos.

Maybe I’ll have to just finally get off my arse and go nude surfing and make a video myself. I’m not sure why people restrict sharing of their video even though it’s freely available to watch online. It seems a shame really. Both videos of two very different guys are cool short fun videos.