The deadline for the self portrait challenge has come and gone and tomorrow evening I’ll be starting the voting process to determine the winner. There have been some stunning entries in this challenge as always. It’s fascinating to see how people choose to present themselves in a self portrait and I often wonder, if I don’t know them, how accurate it is.

To go with this post I’ve chosen a few nude self portraits that I like just to keep with the tone of the blog and the theme of the challenge. From left to right we have regular aussielicious contributor Hiram, then Lars Stephan. Next is the very famous but sadly long deceased Robert Mapplethorpe. This was one of his more modest self portraits. He famously shot a self portrait facing away from the camera wearing chaps and turning to look over his shoulder at the camera as he shoves the handle of a long bull whip up his arse. Lastly on this roll call of cool self portratists is the very pagan, sensual Mikel Marton.