I hate moving. Thankfully the process is nearly over. Tonight I will pick up the last few items from the old place and hand over the keys to my old flatmate to give to his new housemates. I now remember why I swore I would use a removalist next time I moved, but forgot for this time. After doing the bulk of the move on Saturday by myself with help moving the bigger items, in 38 degree (celsius) heat, then doing more trips all week, it’s an exhausting process that I’m going to be very glad to see the end of.

The new place is a very good change. The photos above were all taken within 100 metres of my front door. The streets are lined with Jacaranda trees and there is Jasmine growing everywhere. Both plants take me back to my childhood straight away and the area I’m living in has a great village atmosphere. I’m really looking forward to good things.