A friend of mine is not long out of a long term relationship. We’re talking a good decade. As far as I know and can tell it’s been a rather amicable breakup with the two of them still hanging out from time to time. After a decade they had essentially become companions. The fire was gone.

The one that instigated it has dived into renewed sexual freedom enthusiastically but as he’s told me, he’s been having overnight sleep overs and more than just quick shags and now it seems there’s a regular. The reports I’m getting from a mutual friend are saying that he’s really smitten with this guy and that he’s on the verge of asking him to move in. This is less than two months after the break up of a decade long relationship.

Can we all see where this will go? That’s right, it’s going to crash into a wall in a huge fiery ball of flame. The rebound relationships very very rarely last and while I’m sure their sex is amazing, diving back into a live in relationship so quickly is only going to kill the romance even faster.

I hope my friend doesn’t get hurt but maybe this will be the reality check he needs to realise he needs to be single for a while.