A couple of months ago I made the decision that I wanted to shake up my life and make some changes. Along with posting an instagram every day for the year of being 41 I decided it was time to move house. Living in a big apartment complex has finally gotten to me and I’m moving to a small terrace place in a suburb about 10 minutes drive away.

The packing is essentially all done. Tomorrow morning I’m picking up my brother in law who is going to help me with the few pieces of furniture that I’m taking with me and then I’ll be going backwards and forwards all day, possibly all weekend moving everything I haven’t thrown away. It’s been very cathartic throwing lots of things away that I’ve held on to for too long, possibly emotionally as well as all the physical stuff.

I’ve warned my new housemate about the likelihood that he’ll see me nude and he doesn’t care which is nice. Like here, it probably won’t happen a lot but it’s nice that it’s not going to cause problems.

This is the last blog post from this apartment. Blogging will resume in the next couple of days from the new house. I can’t wait.