A few years ago I met a guy through friends a few times socially here in Sydney. He was originally from Britain and hadn’t been living here that long but he was a very good looking man and could have done fashion modeling. He was tall enough and lean enough to do high fashion catwalk. He had a really nice slim athletic body. Recently I stumbled across his instagram account. It turns out he’s succumbed to the Sydney curse where nobody thinks they have enough muscle and muscle is the only commodity that is attractive on the gay scene.

He’s clearly taken steroids because no one changes their body shape so much naturally. If it were left up to nature and hard work he could have put on size but now his head doesn’t fit his body at all. This once beautiful man now looks a bit bloated and totally out of proportion.

A guy I knew several years ago was a slim, shorter but beautifully built guy. He always said that he never felt attractive in Sydney because it’s a such a body image city. He moved to London a few years back and before we lost touch he told me how much more diverse and accepting of other body types London is

Maybe it’s the outdoor sporty lifestyle here in Sydney but it really does feel body obsessed here. One friend who is a bodybuilder won’t be happy until he’s the massive size he wants to be. Sadly, that involves so many steroids that he’s had heart problems in his very early thirties and doesn’t care if he dies young. The tragic part is that the body dismorphia is so strong he will never be big enough.