Most of the time when we see bodypainting it is for promotional work with a logo emblazoned on someone with a “character” painted on them. It’s the logical way to use bodypaint. Get a sexy body tantalise showing it off but giving the illusion of being covered. I would say it’s fair to say that most bodypainting is done on female bodies. Given they don’t have dangly bits like guys do it’s easier to give the illusion of being clothed. When you do see guys who have been painted they are usually wearing a g-string to get around that issue.

Brandon McGill is a very talented bodypaint artist based in Arizona that I found on tumblr in the last couple of weeks. He paints males and females but doesn’t avoid the obvious, that his models are nude and he paints ALL of the guys. Perhaps it is easier since he’s doing it for artistic purposes and isn’t trying to convince anyone that the bodies are covered in clothes but rather creating amazing, over the top gorgeous characters that blur the lines between fantasy and superhero.

Go and show Brandon some love. He’s a very talented guy who needs to know his work is being seen.