Last week I found an old photo of me on the nude beach taken by a mate in Noosa. It was taken several years ago with my full permission and I have put it online on nudist sites and dudesnude but those are sites that are supposedly protected by logins. Now I’m not naive enough to think they aren’t going anywhere and I haven’t put anything on the internet that I care about people seeing ultimately. Sure, there are some people I don’t want to see them but I don’t think my family are on nudist sites or hookup sites so I’m pretty safe.

So when my photo popped up on Nooddood last week I wasn’t bothered. Nor was I bothered when a friend sent me a screenshot of the same image in his tumblr feed. Thankfully, nor was my friend as we have hung out at the nude beach as well.

It got me thinking though, about how many people have found possibly compromising images of themselves online that they weren’t aware were out there. Like me, you might have known the shot was taken and may have even posted it somewhere but thought it was under a little protection. Was it a problem or did you shrug it off?