Some people say I’m too restrained on the blog and others say I post too much about private things. To me, I post what I want and what I need to. Some people would say this post is in the over-share category but I’m a bit of an open book generally.

Since my birthday I’ve been making a conscious effort to stop the negative self talk and to try and rediscover my confidence. There has been some flirting online with a young guy and with the new approach to life I’m not listening to the little voice that wonders why a 22 year old with an incredible body wants to have some fun in the bedroom with me. Instead I’m going with it. Up until recently my mojo was lost, declared to be dead and gone forever. By this evening it was not only found, it had a pulse and it was ready to go.

Who knew that when those voices in your head speak, you don’t have to listen? My approach now is going to be exactly like when my mother is lecturing me about something or other. Nod and smile then do exactly what I want. If that happens to be really hot fun sex with a 22 year old, who am I to say no?

This year of me being 41 is starting to look up.