We all know lot’s of people in relationships. There are guys that are in and out of relationships all the time and others who stay in relationships for ages. Everyone acts differently in relationships. You have to. For most people it’s small compromises on both sides of the relationship and it keeps things going in a healthy and happy way.

Every now and then you see someone who completely sacrifices huge chunks of their life to keep their partner happy. I’ve seen guys give up things they love doing so as to not rock the boat with their boyfriend. Surely if you have to give up things you love to keep someone happy then they don’t really love you for who you are? Of course there are exceptions. If you love doing heroin or being a serial killer, I’d say there are benefits to abandoning those habits.

As someone who hasn’t really had a long term relationship I haven’t had to do much compromising. My last boyfriend couldn’t get his head around my nudist tendencies at all but he never asked me to stop and nor was it really involved in the breakup of our relationship. If we’d stayed together there may have had to be more discussions. As with most relationships, each couple has to find their own balance.

I’m not sure why I’m posting about this tonight but as a single man looking at relationships from the outside it’s interesting what you notice that someone inside it may not.