Today was almost certainly the last shoot for the tribal series. Greg and Marty came along with open minds and a sense of adventure. Neither of the guys had met me before, as with lots of the guys I shoot. They know each other but had never seen each other nude before. When Greg arrived, Marty was already nude and covered almost head to toe in clay. The awkwardness didn’t last long at all and the guys were a genuine pleasure to work with.

This shoot has been in my head for months and it’s a real relief to have it turn out well, to remember all the poses I wanted to try and to get what I think are very successful shots. It’s also great when you work with models that you are keen to work with again and they are just as keen. Greg has a really chiseled and imposing presence. He’s tall, ripped and a genuinely nice guy. Marty is shorter, with a bubble butt that seems to defy gravity and a cheeky grin.

I’ve mentioned a potential stand alone piece for the exhibition which I’m now thinking could be related in theme and imagery but will be a self portrait of sorts. Doing that would go well with my journey to rediscover my self confidence and mojo.