A few weeks ago I was chatting with a model in the U.S. on model mayhem. He has an album on his portfolio that is password protected. Obviously I was going to ask him about it. Apparently it contains his nudes. I asked about having a look to which he suggested I could “tribute if I really want to.” I asked what on earth he meant and his reply was “you are supossed to tribute. Which means pay me for my amazing looks. People worship me. Seriously.” That is a direct quote, including the spelling mistake. Now worship, to me is reserved for religious figures and idols. Not celebrities, models, or even unknown wannabes like him.

If people worship him, how come he is a complete unknown? There is a growing trend online with people calling themselves “the official ….” or “THE ….” Really? I get the theory of faking it til you make it but I’m also a firm believer in humility. Genuine celebrities tend to get a lot of allowance for bad behaviour but people like Hugh Jackman never seem to forget where they came from and are very down to earth. THAT is class and much more worthy of worship.

Pretenders, keep pretending. If you make it big, I’ll be surprised.