It’s time for another photography challenge here at Aussielicious. Inspired by the things I have on the horizon and the introspection that goes along with making changes in life, I think it’s time we revisit the theme of self portraits.

The photos above are by the amazingly talented Alex Stoddard. Alex grew up in Jacksonville, Florida and began taking self portraits at the age of 16 which he’s evolved to creating beautiful works of art. As you can see from his website he’s expanded his view to include other people but I find the self portraits the most enlightening. How people choose to portray themselves in an image, whether it be accurately or not, is fascinating. I always feel that the people who are the most creative and unrestrained are the ones that are probably the most troubled or vulnerable and in touch with their emotions as well.

When you are creating your self portraits, try and think beyond just taking a photo of yourself. Share with us something more about you using the image. As usual the aim of the challenge is that your image will be won by the winner of the next challenge so you need to create images that people who don’t know you will find interesting and beautiful enough to put on their wall.

You have until the 9th of November, one whole month to get your submissions in via email at and please, nothing sexual. Nudes are ok but no erections or sexual activity. Keep in mind you need to be able to supply a decent sized print, say 8″x10″ if you win, so good quality resolution. Be creative gang!