At the end of this month, Cirque Du Soleil brings their show Totem to Sydney and I’ve been lucky enough to get tickets to opening night. Cirque Du Soleil has spawned a lot of copy cat shows but no one quite does it the same way. I’ve seen several of their shows over the years and my favourite was definitely “O” in Las Vegas. The shows take you to another world and amaze you with their skill as well as the style and presentation. Let’s see what Totem has in store for me. Check out the trailer below.

In other circus news, tonight I’m supposed to be presenting my routine at class. I haven’t rehearsed it at all and am very tired after four nights of staying up late drinking and catching up with my friend that has been in town. Not at all a good preparation for the routine but it’s only for the class and the best I can do is just see how I go. I like the music and I am comfortable with the tricks I’m doing. Fingers crossed.