A mate of mine is staying with me visiting from a different state while he does a course here for a few days. Given that I live in a shared apartment and Sydney rental/property prices are stupid, we don’t have a spare bedroom so he’s crashing in bed with me. That’s not a drama at all as he’s the kind of friend that cuddling is definitely an option. There are no shenanigans going on as he has a lovely husband-to-be back at home. It’s been 3 years since I broke up with my last boyfriend and I haven’t had anyone sleep over in my bed since him so while I struggle to get a good night’s sleep with someone in the bed it’s SO very nice to have some cuddles. I am a big believer in touch and physical contact being good for the soul so spooning, while costing me sleep, is doing wonders for my mood.

In the past couple of weeks, with Spring arriving in Sydney and now having some cuddles, I’ve discovered that I’m solar powered as well as cuddle powered. I love it.

Apologies for being very blogging-quiet the last couple of days but I’ve had my mate here and we’ve been catching up so blogging had to take a back seat.