Up until a few days ago the name Mike Hoffman had never been on my radar. That was until I saw something on Brent Everett’s twitter about some hot body builder finally showing us the goods after teasing his gay fans for ages. Turns out Mike has been popular on youtube for a while. Flexing and posing up a storm showing off the progress he’s making with his body. Looking at the shot on the left, compared with the other shots, he’s making massive progress. He’s added some ink along the way and now that he’s apparently just turned 18 he decided to post a jack off video complete with him licking the cum off his thumb at the end.

Now I have no idea how Mike classifies his sexuality, if he does at all but if he’s just trying to get gay fans, he’s going a long way to do it and probably doing it the right way. Mike is absolutely gorgeous and has that rocking body that he’s worked so hard on. Turns out he also has a really nice cock and some blow job lips that he does that lip biting sexy thing with. Making a huge assumption and throwing him in with a lot of body builders, he’s probably no genius. On the other hand, this could all be a very carefully planned strategy to achieve fame. Who knows. Keep it up Mike.