It’s no secret that I’m partial to reading books that are probably aimed at a younger market. Harry Potter, check. Twighlight, check. Hunger Games, check. Recently I’ve been reading the Divergent trilogy and on the weekend I got around to watching the movie of Divergent. Theo James plays a guy nicknamed “Four” in the film and from the first time I saw him I had a little bit of a crush. Maybe it was more like lustful thoughts about staring into those eyes while doing naughty adult things with him and wondering what those lips feel like. When I watched the behind the scenes features I heard his real accent. He’s British and has the most gorgeous accent.

Born in Oxford, England in 1984 his full real name is Theodore Peter James Kinnairrd Taptiklis. His grandfather on his father’s side is Greek, hence the name. I think it also has something to do with his beautiful olive skin and dark bedroom eyes. He is six foot tall and just a whole bunch of gorgeous. Now I’ll have to see the sequels when they get made.