A couple of weeks ago Australia changed it’s terrorist threat warnings to High Risk after several years at moderate. Police raided homes of people suspected of being involved in terrorist plots and arrests were made. They filled the news with the success of their operation saying they’d foiled several imminent attacks including public beheadings of random civilians. That’s all awesome if it is true. Yes, Isis is very vocal and active at the moment but part of me suspects that most of this is a ploy to distract the Australian public from the awful job our government is doing in every other aspect.

Our Prime Minister is making an embarrassment of us on a global stage by removing environmental protections, cutting funding to health, education, pensions and increasing taxes. Generally speaking, he’s still trying to blame the previous government for leaving Australia in a mess. He’s been in power for over a year and the previous government and the ones before that had Australia in a very very good position financially.

As a result of his own home-grown war on terror innocent Muslim people in Australia, and those that look like they might be, are being attacked. A man was arrested walking through a muslim school with a knife last week and just today a muslim woman was violently attacked by a caucasian woman on a train. Why do we allow catholic nuns to wear a habit and say it’s an expression of their faith but muslim women wearing the burka or other head coverings are clearly oppressed and probably beaten? Nearly a quarter of the world’s population (approximately 1.6 billion out of 7 billion) are muslim. If it is such a supposedly violent religion don’t you think it’s followers would have wiped the rest of us out by now? As the tweet above says, Muslims see Isis and other extremists exactly the way christians see the Westboro Baptists.

On behalf of all Australians, I apologise to all innocent Muslims for feeling unsafe going about your daily lives because Tony Abbott is whipping the hysterical minority into a fearful frenzy.