There has been a bit of a scandal here in Australia today. It’s just a little one but it’s made the news. On the weekend at the AFL Grand Final the Hawthorn team absolutely whipped the Sydney Swans team. A guy called Rob Mills who was in the first season of Australian Idol and has gone on to do some acting and appeared in a few big musical productions such as Grease here in Australia, posted an image of a lego man dressed in the swans uniform bent over effectively being fucked by the Hawthorn lego man. Juvenile, yes. Funny, kinda. Homophobic? Ah, no.

A lot of politically correct people are “outraged” that he’s been so homophobic by suggesting that taking it up the arse is a penalty to be taken by a losing sportsman… some bullshit like that anyway. Maybe it wasn’t the wisest choice of image to post for someone in the public eye but really? Who is that sensitive? Rob Mills is a very vocal supporter of the LGBT community and activist for marriage equality. The man sings in musical theatre for goodness sake. If he were homophobic he’d never work in that industry. I think we need to pick our outrage a little more carefully or the LGBT “community” is going to sound like the boy that cried wolf every time we complain about something being a little bit mean.