The term gay-for-pay has taken off over the last few years and while part of me thinks it’s a good thing that stigmas are so reduced that straight men can have gay sex on film I’m not actually sure that I believe them. If they are genuinely straight then money must be a real turn on for some guys or their egos will take a good stroking from anywhere to be satisfied. I know a couple of directors don’t like working with gay-for-pay guys because they don’t like to suck dick etc. Paddy O’Brian (above right) is yet to suck dick on film. He claims he’s just a sexual being and has been fucked as well as topping a lot on film but thinks for some reason that sucking cock is too gay. Really? What about the dick in your arse mate?

Sebastian Young (above left) is another gay-for-pay guy that is getting attention lately. He doesn’t seem to have any limits on what he’ll do on film with a guy, topping, bottoming, sucking even doing a watersports film for Lucas Raunch label. He’s a hot guy but most of his attention is for being thrown in jail. Oops.

Why do gay men buy into the straight men having sex thing? Is it really any hotter if we believe the guy is straight? I know a lot of guys have a fantasy to convert a straight man but for me I’d rather sleep with someone who really wants to be there. If they are really keen then at best they are bi. I had an experience with a guy in London. He was a hot rugged tattoed ex military guy but once we got to my room he had a severe attack of the nerves and wouldn’t do anything. It was rather an anti-climax.

As for gay-for-pay porn stars. If they look convincingly like they are having a good time and into it then I can enjoy it but sometimes you see guys that are clearly doing it for the money. Anyone that flinches if a guy cums near or on them isn’t really doing it for me.