Art is a very different experience for each person. I’ve just had an hour or two at the Museum of Contemporary Art here in Sydney with an old school friend and her two children. Trying to explain to the kids why there was a room full of cushions that seemed to be “breathing” with images of body parts printed on them, including a cushion with a breathing vagina, was quite entertaining and caused a lot of giggles.

I recently came across a collaboration that struck a cord with me for obvious reasons. Ruben Van Schalm has done a photographic spread for Supplementaire magazine called “A Night In The Park”. The photographs appear to be a young man, model Ran Moneta, nude in a city park at night. We all know I’m partial to being nude outdoors and I have actually been nude at night in a couple of the big parks here in Sydney which is a slightly spooky but also quite sexy experience. Also highly illegal here.

The photos don’t suggest anything sexual or even naughty. They seem to suggest a spontaneous moment of freedom late at night for a guy who finds himself alone in the park. It looks like fun. I wonder how long the model was running around nude that night and whether or not they had permission?