In Australia there are four main codes of football played on a regular basis. European football, ie soccer, Rugby Union a la Dieux Du Stade, Rugby League and Aussie Rules or AFL. AFL is hugely popular in the southern states of Australia and today is the season Grand Final. Sydney’s team is in the game today hoping for another premiership win. To be honest I don’t understand the game at all. It looks messy and all over the place but the guys who play it are very very good athletes. On average they run 14km per game which is nearly 9 miles for those using imperial measurements.

This week Buzzfeed blessed our eyeballs with their top 60 hottest AFL players of this season. Above is a selection of my favourite 5 from a brief look through their list. With only one photo of each to go on my pic is the hot man in the water in the middle shot. His name is Heritier Lumumba and he plays for the Collingwood Magpies. So much sexy in one man. The guy on the far left looks like he’s just played a hard game in the rain and lost. Maybe he needs a hug. I’m volunteering.