There is a site that I joined some time ago called Massage Exchange. I’ve traded a couple of massages with guys from there but generally it’s like most hookup or meeting sites, a lot of chat with not a lot of results. Like most guys there are types of guys that I’m attracted to and some that I’m not. I also have an age range that I’m attracted to. I’ll be honest, the distance from my own age that I’m attracted to is greater on the younger side than it is on the older side for a hookup, but for a relationship it’s pretty similar.

If I’m using scruff or grindr or one of the apps and looking around and I find someone attractive but they are say 10 years younger than me I rarely send them a message as I don’t feel it’s unreasonable to assume that they aren’t going to want to hook up with me. Of course there are guys who are into older and there are people for whom age difference is just not an issue. I try and be realistic though. If some 25 year old physical god is taking my fancy I doubt very much that he’s going to want to hook up with a 40 year old that isn’t in the best shape. There are exceptions to every rule though. I’ve had 20 year olds hit on me and I’ve hooked up with guys in their mid 50’s. It’s all about the connection and chemistry.

So when I got a message a couple of months ago on Massage Exchange that said “Am I really too old for you” of course I wanted to see who it was that was sending the message. If it were strictly a massage it wouldn’t matter but a site offering free massage exchange is very rarely JUST about massage so if I’m getting nude and a bit frisky with someone and touching each other all over, it matters. I’m not going to hook up with someone out of a sense of political correctness. The guy seemed like a nice guy but he was 75. Yes, that is quite a long way outside my age bracket. Thirty-five years is way too far apart for most people I would guess. Just no.