Guy James Whitworth is an artist that I’ve posted about before on the pages of Aussielicious. His artworks are full of life and colour, even when tinged with a darker subject matter. We have talked about me posing for him in the past but it’s never happened for one reason or another. Yesterday Guy messaged me asking if I was still up for it. He’s working on a series called “What makes a man” and painting all sorts of regular guys, straight and gay. He’s looking for a wide range of guys so if any readers are interested and live in Sydney, get in touch.

I have posed for a few different photographers back in my younger and prettier days and feeling a bit older and out of shape as I am it’s a bit challenging to agree to it but I’m trying to live by the “Why not?” philosophy these days. Just do it and if I regret it it’s better than regretting something I said no to and won’t get the opportunity to do again. The crucial part about this process is that I trust Guy completely. His work has covered transgender performers, his boyfriend, men, women and every kind of person so I’m going to be in capable hands.

The real twist is that there is a documentary maker who is going to film the process and do interviews with the subject. The film will be relatively PG and filmed modestly but I’ll still be nude. That’s not a problem though, we all know that.

The photos above are from a shoot I did with a photographer called Stan many years ago on Obelisk nude beach here in Sydney. If only I’d appreciated the body I had when I had it.